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posted Nov 7, 2017, 11:10 AM by First Congregational Church United Church of Christ
At the last Be The Church meeting, I asked permission to start sharing some research that I had been working on recently that grew out of a discussion I had with some friends about the topic of poverty.  Our church is working on reaching out to our greater community and trying to alleviate the struggle that so many people face when living in poverty.  I'd like us to also look at what causes poverty, how it can not just be relieved, but also eradicated, and last of all help us all be able to carry on a discussion about poverty with those in our community as we try to work to bring real change for those who live in poverty.

The first article is to address the question "who receives benefits from the federal government".  This research grew out of political charge that 50% of every household in the United States was receiving some kind of federal government benefit.  That was said as evidence that there's something wrong with that economic formula, but its important to really take a look at who is receiving that benefit and why.  This is recent enough evidence to be considered still accurate today.  Please take the time to read.    Pat O'Connor